Megan and Jessi in Tender Touches – PlayboyPlus


Enjoy the view with Jessi and Megan Blake on location in beautiful Mexico. Overlooking the gorgeous jungle landscape, these two models get together for this week’s Playboy Girlfriends feature, shot by the photographer Cassandra Keyes. Perhaps the most adventurous thing [I’ve] ever [done] was get on a plane and fly to Mexico to pose nude for Playboy, laughs Jessi. Working with Cassandra and the whole team was a dream come true! It was unique from any other shoot creative, fun, and inspirational. While Jessi is newer to Playboy, Megan has been shooting with us since 2019. My experience with Playboy has been extremely empowering, says Megan. After every shoot, I feel like another layer of myself has been pulled back for me to discover and experience. I feel my feminine energy burning brighter and [I] have an overwhelming desire to help other women discover that power within [themselves]. Want to see more of Jessi and Megan? Check out all their pictorials right here on Playboy Plus! exclusive photos and videos from PlayboyPlus